Strategic Business Unit is the Investment, Research and Development wing of 3SiL established to accomplish research and development tasks and processes necessary to promote the strategic investments of 3SiL.

The Unit conducts research and feasibility studies into new business propositions and its development into a viable business venture and further make direct micro investments into existing but viable SMEs and other strategic partnerships.

The vision of the unit is to carry out prudent micro lending arrangements to ensure adequate safety for shareholders investments, institute strategic financial principles to surge income and further promote growth in both intra/inter business portfolios. The ultimate goal of the unit is to establish and provide stewardship and oversight for specific business segments of new and existing enterprises.

Our investments objectives among others include:

  • To preserve the capital of the unit
  • To achieve a high real rate of return, comprising both income and capital growth and
  • To deliver shareholders a secure annual income stream in the form of fully franked dividends.

To achieve this the unit makes direct investments into ventures which the unit expects to yield reasonable returns/margins and; also into businesses which are assessed to be undervalued relative to their current and long term potential.

The unit is headed by Mr. Kojo Otoo as the business manager and ably supported by 3 other board members who routinely appraise the operations of the unit and infuse modern methods of evaluating business opportunities and investments. The board also develops and amends the specific protocols and procedures necessary for conducting unit business and documents them in the standard operating procedures for the unit.

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