At 3SiL, it is our vision to become the market leaders in our industry and to grow the company into an internationally competitive entity.

To provide clients with well researched products and personalized service of excellent quality.
To achieve this, 3SiL has brought together talents from diverse backgrounds to form an outstanding team. This has given us a strong foundation with which to pursue our company’s mission. The provision of excellent services is built on our key principles of:


  • Improving on the quality of living for all our customers especially the rural dwellers
  • Anticipating and satisfying the specific needs of clients in security supplies, materials and services
  • Keeping abreast with professional and best practice guidelines to deliver exceptional standards of performance and productivity
  • Pursuing innovation and flexibility
  • Building a work culture that embraces new ideas and encourages continuous learning
  • Contributing to high efficacy of our clients

By this mission 3SiL will be contributing to the following national objectives:

  • Facilitation of economic activities in the rural areas especially agro producing communities and hence promote economic growth within the districts
  • Curbing rural urban drift
  • Promotion of social activities at night in rural communities without electricity
  • Ensuring sound economic practices
  • Curbing fraud through the provision of products with fraud-prove security features


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